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Flash Games

Like anyone from my generation, I grew up on flash games. Papa louie: there for me when no one else was.... *ahem* I' m really nostalgic for those days, and often find myself missing the old flash sites of yore. Miniclip is gone, cool math games is not the one I knew before. It's just not the same. (ANDKON ARCADE still the exact same tho. because theyre GOATED FOREVER) Anyway i thought I'll host a couple of my old favorite games, to sort of replicate the simpler web experience of those days. my whole site is kind of a callback to the pre-2010s web and what would that be without flash games? So ive doen my best to bring them to you, in-browser just like the old days. These are handpicked my me so you know theyre good.

Full disclosure I did not do the heavy lisfting to get the actual flash to work. Neocities doesnt let you selfhost files for shit unless you pay and im not doing that so: the technology here is ruffle, modified lightly I believe and being hosted by some gracious soul on github. God bless this kid, I know theyre like 13 and just wanted to play a game on there chromebook but the innovation they brought to the table actually saved me i near lost my mind trying tofigure out how to get the games to work otherwise. Cant thank this random kid enough and if your looking to have games on your neocities site too please check out their simple guide to embedding flash.
Again I cant take credit, I just followed the guide :P
That said please totally do host flash content on your site if you have one  its very easy to do. and I feel it makes the world a better place. That's all from me for now Enjoy the games peace o7




***** Please note: because of the way the games are loaded, save data cant be carried over between sessions... yet. Our top experts are looking into it as we speak :P (Meaning Im working on it !!!!!!! ok!!?!?!)