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Welcome to SKIDs own SKIDZONE
Welcome!!!! You Hvae Reached SKID's Personal Domain:

My space for posting about what I like!!

Like everyone else on neocities, i'm here because i hate all the other platforms -_-

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Who are you

  • Im skid Ithought this much was obvious D_D
  • Whats this site about?

  • Just a place where I can be myself mostly. Its kind of a creative outket for me too, You can find out more about me by just clicking around!
  • Whats all this the.n (gestures at everything else)

  • 100$% Geniuine SKID baby!!!!!! Its all me all the time on here.. ^_^
  • Ok.. Can I view thsi site on mobile?

  • For the love of god please dont. But I cant stop you. In the spirit of damage reduction I will advise at least turning your phone sideways tho.
    + And coming back later on desktop. Dont do me the disservice of only knowing me from a mobile experience bro. Thanks in advance youre the best.
  • Nnything else I should know?

  • I think thats everything. I'll let you go now. Have fun on sk==\\S+KIDZONE ^_^
  • (i am aware of the scribbly graphics btw. I just needed to get the ideas down ill polish em up soon promise)

    Whats New:

  • big update to the front page layput hopefull yits more interesting. I may have made it flashier then intended..
  • Not 1 but 2 NEW BLOG POST in case you missed my sniveling prose. Working on a graphics page and a little post about the site design.. coming soon. Farther in the future i hope to give the shrines some more love since they are sorely neglected begging for attention at this point
  • Added a little blurb and some more personal touch to the games page so my site doesn't look so devoid of content hopefully. Still better then a lot of neocities pages though or so i tell myself
  • EVEN MORE BUTTONS / MORE LINKS for your clicking ass. Enjoy d('v' )
  • Every single page updated to have MF DOOM music playing on it yaaayyayyyay (except the blog special expcetion)
  • NEW subsite: THE LOUNGE
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    What im up to.........

    Trying so hard to animate on the computer its so hard my skin peeling off my hair fallling out im losing my teeth,

    song of the moment:

    WTF is My Heart - Anarchy 99