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My space for posting about what I like!!

Like everyone else on neocities, i'm here because i hate all the other platforms -_-

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Oh christ its been a long time again isnt it.. How have you been. Ive been relaly busy being dead.........................
Finals kicked my ass but thats FINALLY behind me now god bless.I'm (mostly) free to work on the site again. We'll see
  • SKIDZONE TURNS ONE 👶 holy moly macarone. nothing too special for this content-wise besides a blog post unfortantely since ive been pretty burnt out. u_u But just b/c this site is on the backburner that doenst mean its not still cooking.... stay tuned >
  • Changed alll the songs on all the main pages Now you have to look at them again hehehahahahahahahaha
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    What im up to......

    Trying so hard to animate on the computer its so hard my skin peeling off my hair fallling out im losing my teeth,

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    Electric Relaxation -
    A Tribe Called Quest