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  • New subsite for Airy hfj Sorry i made this like amonth ago and then never gave any hint of it ever being published. Sorry about that. Enjoy tho
  • New block post is up. Just like i promised ^_^
  • Welcome to SKIDs own SKIDZONE
    Welcome!!!! You Hvae Reached SKID's Personal Domain:


    My space for posting about what I like!!

    Like everyone else on neocities, i'm here because i hate all the other platforms -_-

    ---- Turn on autoplay for the closest intended experience ----

    I basically restarted the site from scratch recently, so I still gotta finish converting all the old content into my new layout ok.. cut me some slack...



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    What im up to...........

    Splatoon bashing me over the head with pans while delatrune socks me I. The face. Over and 9ver and u dertale gives me swirlys

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